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Teaching Goal

To lead up to a preferable Industrial-University of Technology under a green concept, the teaching units of National Chin-Yi University of Technology all dedicate themselves to establishing improvements of educational quality base on curriculum programs, teaching experience, students’ studying, and teaching resources. For the purpose of promoting the tutelage of each teaching unit to instantly meet the recent trend of the green-technology, the school efficiently develops projects and programs, for instance of holding curriculum adjustments, building auxiliary systems for schoolteachers’ professions, E-integrating student’s learning platforms and resources, and promoting digital teaching materials and methods. By the above, it assists in growing knowledge and broad experiences of students and helps students possess abilities of innovation for schooling and employment for working, thereby contributing themselves to the society and nation by their professions.

To strengthen the teaching quality for raising the competition of the school and students, the teaching units and administrative units of the school progressively create a teaching environment beneficial to training, studying, and researching. Briefly, the object of this program is to establish teaching features relevant to green technology and to satisfy multi-demand of the professional education by combining programs of the administrative unit and all teaching units. In case of the soft and hardware quality of the teaching is improved, the teaching quality of the school and the learning efficiency could be promoted, which should preferably assist the students in furnishing themselves with self-learning capability, creativity, and working ability during the four year schooling. The school expects the students to get into the society with their well professional knowledge and morality after graduating from school and dedicate themselves to their jobs, so as to conduce to the industry growth in the future.

1. Establish regular curriculum checking

“The improvement of curriculum adjustments” is kept to raise the fulfillment of the teaching goal. The object of this program is to build a set of incessant system for an improvement of the curriculum structure and for an estimation of the teaching units. Colleges of the school could evaluate arrangements of courses and their teaching quality pursuant to such system in which the industrial demand as well as judgments of schoolfellows and public is considered, therefore the school can reach the predetermined teaching goal by meeting the variable social trend and industrial demand.

2. Reinforce the professional teaching ability of schoolteachers

As it is a primary subject that the teacher’s teaching ability bases the learning efficiency of the students, “the program of building auxiliary systems for schoolteachers’ professions” is built to increase guiding and training newly teachers, to proceed activities of teaching acknowledge as well as handle lectures of professors, to build tuitional groups, to certificate teaching curriculums, to incessantly upgrowth the teaching evaluation, to create a guidance system for supervising teachers with poor performance, and to assist in enhancing the professional capability of teaching.

3. E-integrating student’s learning platforms and resources

In order to promote the learning efficiency of school students from the enrollment to the graduation from school, the school anticipates systematizing studying resources, which facilitates inducing an initiative learning of students and adding the learning efficiency. This program is proceeded by essentially holding a curriculum arrangement for aiding the students in realizing the studying goal. This program makes an E-warning platform of learning, systematizes a midterm forewarning and remedying way, and redeems training courses for normal teaching assistants to enhance their auxiliary teaching abilities and to put themselves in an efficient role in aide of teacher’s tuition and afterward guidance.

4. Promoting digital teaching materials and methods

This program is applied to increase the learning efficiency of students via strengthening a “disposition of digitalizing teaching materials” and carrying out a service of “development and certification of the digital materials”, therefore promoting the quality of those digital objects. Further, this program forms courses for distance learning and develops an IRS teaching system, which generalizes a digital studying environment, accordingly increases teachers’ teaching quality, and enhancing students’ learning capability via their fully utilization of those digital materials.

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