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Staff & Duties - Curriculum Section



Name Title Duties Department
Chen,Shu-Ling Division Head
  1. Oversee the tasks of the Curriculum Division and make and revise rules and regulations.
Lin, Dong-He Officer
  1. School Curriculum Committee
  2. Hourly teaching wage
  3. Running and setting in summer school
  4. Campus Selecting Curriculum
  5. Manpower data preparation before the start of business
  1. Ph.D.Program,Graduate Institute of Precision Manufacturing
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Department of Information Engineering
  4. Physical Education
Chen,Chiu-Chin clerk
  1. Laws and Regulations
  2. The work report archive
  3. General official documents
  4. Teacher study documents
  5. Excellence Plan aggregated data
  6. Calendar edited
  7. Final exam make-up business
  8. Taiwan's higher education teachers and library services questionnaire
  1. Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
  2. Department of Business Administration
  3. Department of Landscape Architecture
  4. Military Training
  5. Service Learning
Liou,Yi-Shan Special Staff
  1. The Selection of Co-teacher
  2. Survey System for Student's Feedback
  3. Midterm Test/Final Test
  4. Classroom Management
  5. support and assist in handling group business
  6. assigned temporary work
  1. Department of Refrigeration,Air Conditioning,and Energy Engineering
  2. Department Cultural and Creative Industry
  3. Language center
Tsai,Pei-Shan Officer
  1. Basic database for school affairs
  2. Curriculum System
  3. Curriculum
  4. Summer Course Refund
  5. Curriculum Resources Internet
  1. Department of Chemical and Material Engineering
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Department of Information Management
Huang,Yu-Mei Special Staff
  1. Engineering Verification
  2. School -based curriculum
  3. Strategy alliance
  4. SOP, the form changes.
  5. Custody and scrap property, goods purchase
  1. Department of Electronics
  2. Department of Distribution Management
  3. Department of Leisure Industry Management
  4. Department of Applied English
  5. Institute of Project Management




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