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Staff & Duties - General Affairs Section



Name Title Duties
Huang, Rou-Yan Section Chief
  1. Oversee the tasks of the General Affairs Division.
Chen,Yen-Jou Special Staff
  1. Appling for Admission
  2. Special Admission
  3. Teaching unit evaluation
  4. Printing teacher's handout and test paper
  5. General official documents
Lin,Wen-Chuan Teaching Assistant
  1. Selective Entrance
  2. recommended for off-shore island students
  3. United recruitment for overseas students
  4. Specialzed Class for Hong Kong Students
  5. Recruitment for transferred student of Four-year Technology College
  6. Managing publication
  7. After school newspaper inviting contributions
Cai,Meng-Hua Officer
  1. Recruitment coordination items for foreign students
  2. The Recruitment of Mainland Chinese Students 
  3. United register and enrollment for Four-year Technology College
  4. Selecting Test for the disabilities to advance to a higher school
  5. Selecting Test for Sports Talents
  6. Evaluation
  7. School visit 
Wang,Ying-Yiing Special Project Staffer
  1. Recruitment Promotion
  2. Recruitment and enrollment for general master (doctor) classes
  3. Selecting Recruitment and enrollment for master (doctor) classes
  4. The Publicity Campaign of the 12-Year Compulsory Education








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Created : 2014-10-31
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