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Staff & Duties - Resource Center for Teaching and Learning


Name Title Duties
Liao,Yu-Jing Director
  1. Oversee, promote, and assist university-wide projects to create digital teaching materials.
  2. Oversee teaching assistant (TA) affairs.
  3. Oversee teacher development and the teacher selection process.
  4. Oversee integrated projects promoted by the Central Taiwan Teaching/Learning Resource Center.
Huang,Yi-Shan Special Project Staffer
  1. TA Training Seminar
  2. TA Certification Services
  3. The management of TA Center
  4. Teacher Tutoring Program
  5. ERC Administrative Services
Chang,Yi-Nung Special Project Staffer
  1. Teacher development courses certified Hours
  2. New Teachers Counseling
  3. Teaching Outstanding Teacher Selection
  4. Teaching Innovation Promotion
  5. Promotion of Teaching Community
  6. Digital Textbook Production Promotion
  7. E-learning Uploading Validations
Ye,Shu-Man Special Project Assistant
  1. Promotions for e-Portfolio、c-Map、UCAN、t-Portfolio
  2. E-learning Uploading Validations
  3. Teaching/Learning Resource Center for Vocational Education Institutes in Central Taiwan Projects
Hu,Che-Wei Special Project Assistant
  1. Distant Courses Evaluation
  2. System Training & Promotion for Real-time Video Network Teaching
  3. Website Maintenance on OAA, TEC, ERC, TA Platform and e-Portfolio


Updated : 2014-10-31
Created : 2015-11-18
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